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Day Trips
This is an all-day ride up in the cool, Northern parts of AZ. Depending on the specific area you may want to ride, a fuel surcharge may apply. Areas of the White Mountains, in Alpine, Arizona, are available at no additional charge. These rides are highly customizable, with many options for your desired destination! Rides are generally available May through October. Specific dates may change, please call for availability. Lunch is provided. Destinations include swimming holes, beautiful mountain cliffs, and many more!
Ride cost: $250/ person
San Tan Mountains
This is a day ride that takes you through the beautiful San Tan Mountains. These rides are generally available October through April. Specific dates may change, call for availability! Rides are highly customizable, and are not necessarily walk-only. Lunch is provided.
Ride cost: $250/ person
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Custom rides are available upon request. Rides are available in many locations. We are not limited to walking only, so for those experienced riders out there, we even have rides for you! Email us at for details, or to book your ride!
MD Ranch highly recommends you, your family and your friends take a trip up to beautiful Alpine, Arizona, for a stay at Hannagan meadow lodge. They offer great food, amazing fun, and (of course) MD Ranch would love to take you out on a horse!

Check out their website here!